Market Overview


Energy system

•The total current installed capacity of the energy system is 223 GW.
•The installed capacity of RES (for the most part - mini HPP) is 1.9 GW, including approximately 10 MW of PVP.

Prerequisites for RES development:

 •The government has identified the goal to increase the share of RES to2.5% by 2020; •The support for the industry is provided in exchange for investment into a local technology cluster producingcomponents for RES;

•It is possible to considerably reduce the loss of electricenergy, within particular electric grid fragments.
•There is a parity of prices between electric energy from RES andlocal energy market prices regarding  remote regions of Russia.   

State regulation and sale of electric energy

•By 2020, the Government of  Russia intends to support the construction of a 1.4 GW capacity based on PV power generation through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA RES);
•The quotas are annually put on special auctions where the selected projects receive a guarantee of 12–14% yield rate for the total value of capital expenditures, if the required level of component localisation is ensured.
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